Prep Edge Consulting

strength and conditioning

The Xplosive Edge offers Prep Edge consulting around the nation! With a 15 year track record of improving athletic performance and reducing we can update your program. We offer the newest integration techniques, technology, and the most scientifically proven program in the country. Owner Gibbie Duval and brother Zach Dual, now head strength and conditioning coach for Nebraska Football, have installed this program into numerous school across the nation.

Our Community
of Athletes

“I cannot express enough our excitement in partnering with Xplosive Edge for our strength and conditioning program. Xplosive Edge has provided us with outstanding programs, professional development for coaches, and continual support. Their Prep Edge Consulting program is exactly what high school programs need: an organized, researched-based program with continual support. As a former coach and as someone who had to figure everything out on their own in the weight room, I wish this program would have been available to me back then, it would have benefited me s a coach and it would have been a huge benefit to my athletes. I encourage you to utilize all the offerings, the programming, the postural alignment, and nutritional services. We are excited to see the benefits of the Xplosive Edge Prep Edge Consulting program will have for our athletes.”

-Matt Farup

Wakefield Superintendent