The Program

When we come in and set up your program you will receive our off-season, in-season, winter and summer training protocols. This consultation will include our power point presentations on the 10 Husker Power principles, programming, periodization, metabolic circuit, in addition to a practical session in the weight room where we take each coach through every exercise and update the program to 2020 and beyond. We also implement our programming cards and charts for your weight room use. Our team will get all of your coaches on the same page in regards to strength and conditioning utilizing the most scientifically proven program in the country! Additional services include nutritionpostural restoration (PRI), and testing presentations.

The Starter Package

  • 10 Husker Power Principles
  • Programming
  • Periodization
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • Weight Charts
  • Programming Cards
  • Practical Weight Room Sessions


Additional Services


Postural Restoration® (PRI) is a posture-based approach designed to improve physical adaptions and asymmetries within the body by focusing on repositioning and breathing techniques, thus reducing pain and injury among athletes. This addition to your program will provide an introduction to PRI with both classroom and practical sessions to implement proper warm-up, cool-down, and integration techniques into the weight room. Postural Restoration is the secret sauce that will really help improve performance and reduce injuries.



The nutrition presentation is a workshop for all of your coaches and athletes. We will implement our nutrition program which is based around Dave Ellis’s world-renowned Fueling Tactics® program. This 3-step program is very interactive and comes with grocery shopping charts and fueling plans for all of your athletes.



Xplosive Edge will test up to 100 athletes using our state of the art Dashr® timing and jumping equipment. Testing will include pro-agility, vertical jump, 10 yard dash, and 40 yard dash. Each athlete will also be scored using the Performance Index created by Boyd Epley and used by the University of Nebraska. this addition will give you a baseline for athletic performance.


Our Community
of Athletes

We recently worked with Pierce High School on revamping their strength and conditioning program. We updated their system and taught coaches the most up-to-date science behind improving athletic performance. Additionally, we went over our Postural Restoration program which brought an entirely new edge to their program in regard to training, recovery, and injury reduction. See how it went with the testimony below!

“My coaching staff and I were quite impressed with the level of expertise and knowledge Gibbie Duval and J.R. Epley displayed during our initial training session. It was evident why so many athletes go to the Xplosive Edge for both their basic and advanced training. Pierce High is quite excited to take the next step and be on the cutting edge of student-athlete development. We are thrilled to be in partnership with the Xplosive Edge and Coach Duval.”

Mark Brahmer

Pierce High School